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Railway System

SAAR Depositi Portuali S.p.A. obtained a four-year concession (expiry 31.12.2021) from the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, for the use of a 160 meter rail track connected to the railway park within Genoa Sampierdarena port area.
On such rail track can be accommodated up to 7 special railway tank wagons suitable for the transport of heated liquid products.
Thanks to this concession, SAAR Depositi Portuali S.p.A. is able to offer loading and unloading services of vegetable liquid bulk and derivatives products onto/from railway tank wagons.
Shippers who have commercial contracts in place with SAAR Depositi Portuali S.p.A. are allowed to schedule their train / wagons to this facility.
Rail shunting operations are performed by FuoriMuro – Servizi Portuali e Ferroviari S.r.l, who is the rail shunting company allowed to operate within Genoa Port.

Services (type, hours, rates)

Thanks to an oil pipeline (partly underground and partly on the surface), it is possible both to load empty railway wagons with products stored in the tanks of SAAR Depot, and to unload wagons for the introduction of products in the Depot.
Loading operations, are performed through a raised structure housing the control panels.
For the unloading of wagons, on the other hand, the main pipeline on the ground is connected to the wagons by means of flexible pipes.
Products are transferred between rail wagon track and the depot by means of a pumping system with a capacity of up to 300 tons / h.
The plant is also equipped with a weight scale for weighing wagons, if required.

The pricing of services depends on following parameters:

  • volumes handled
  • type of goods
  • ancillary services required (product sampling, weighing, product analysis, etc.)

The facility is open during day time (07: 00-18: 00), in accordance with the operational management of SAAR Depositi Portuali S.p.A.