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SAAR - Company profile

SAAR - Company profile

SAAR Depositi Portuali spa is a coastal warehouse, located on top of Ponte Paleocapa in Genoa Port, and it is a leading Mediterranean terminal, handling a high percentage of vegetable oils, animal fats (palm, coconut, palm-kernel, olive, peanut, corn and tallow oil) and other bulk liquids.

Most products are raw materials or semi-finished materials imported to Italy for the most important food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In the last few years SAAR Depositi Portuali spa has developed an investment plan to widen and restructure its warehouse, in order to better satisfy the market demand and to have a more modern and safer work organisation.
The aim of the Company is to follow the current trends, and to increase the development of the "ready goods" market in the European ports, in opposition to the purchase of goods in the countries of origin.

At present, the storage capacity is approx. 96,000 m3, with 95 tanks located in six docks, going from a minimum of 150 m3 to a maximum of 11,000 m3, all of them with automatic temperature and level control.

70% of the tanks is made of epoxy painted steel.

SAAR Depositi Portuali spa is the only warehouse in Genoa port which has both a dedicated and a second mooring.

It has four loading arms enabling the simultaneous unloading of four different products and three electronic bascules enabling the automatic loading of tankers every 30 minutes, and a track scale to load from tanks to tanks wagons.